expo-payments-stripe: Android native module not found

I’m trying to use expo-payments-stripe in my app and I’m having issues on Android. iOS works fine using this workaround to repair the build: [expo-payments-stripe] Stripe pod does not compile on Xcode 11.4 · Issue #7621 · expo/expo · GitHub

On android, anytime I try to use Stripe module, I get this error in JS:

Error: Encountered an exception while calling native method: Exception occurred while executing exported method canMakeAndroidPayPayments on module StripeModule: null

I verified that expo-payments-stripe is in my app.manifest and gets installed during android build but it seems that it doesn’t get initialized for some reason.
I tried yarn remove expo-payments-stripe and expo install expo-payments-stripe to reinstall the package but I’m still getting the same error.

Any idea on this?

Expo: 37.0.7 (Bare workflow)
Expo-cli: 3.17.23
expo-payments-stripe 8.1.0

I figured out how to solve my problem even though I’m not sure what is was. I just deleted my whole project folder and cloned it again and everything ran like a charm.
There was probably a faulty .iml or something in the .gradle folder.
Great day all!

Hey, I have to set payment method for android but docs tells to add code to AndroidManifest.xml file but with expo we didn’t get this kind of file. please help me in setting up payment method.