Expo notifications through APN

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 39
  2. ios

Hi all. We are trying to migrate from Expo push service to APN. But we’ve faced a problem.
We are receiving device push token via getDevicePushTokenAsync() and made a server with simple code.

let apn = require('node-apn');

let options = {
    token: {
        key: "./AuthKey.p8",
        keyId: "our_key_id",
        teamId: "our_team_id"
    // cert: "./apns-dev-cert.pem",
    // key: "./apns-dev-key-noenc.pem",
    production: true//false not matter

let deviceToken = "1075eb4748******492ea9d1e39f72699551eff77******";

var apnProvider = new apn.Provider(options);

var note = new apn.Notification();

note.expiry = Math.floor(Date.now() / 1000) + 3600; // Expires 1 hour from now.
note.badge = 3;
note.alert = "\uD83D\uDCE7 \u2709 You have a new message";
note.payload = {'messageFrom': 'John Appleseed'};
note.topic = "ru.project.site";

apnProvider.send(note, deviceToken).then( (result) => {

When its in production we are getting:

  • status: ‘400’,
  • response: { reason: ‘DeviceTokenNotForTopic’ }
    When its in development mode:
  • status: ‘400’,
  • response: { reason: ‘BadDeviceToken’ }

We made all as docs required, but still getting that error.
We were trying to set our push key via expo credentials manager - no effect. And on the server side we tried to change from key to certificate options - same effect.
What we are doing wrong? Thanks.

hi! your development mode issue is probably just a mismatch of environments, you can read this stack overflow post for information on that and how to fix it

As for DeviceTokenNotForTopic- are you absolutely sure that the bundle ID of your app matches the bundle id you’re setting for apns-topic?

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