Expo notifications Dont handle notifications

Hi. Goodnight. I was recently trying to integrate push notifications to my app on android, checking the library I sent my first notifications to my mobile, so I need to handle the actions when the user opens a notification, I followed a guide in expo and it didn’t work for me, so I decided try the snack example

But nevertheless when running that test app with expo on my mobile, I manage to send the notification as well but it does not receive the values in the app as it should in that example. I am using Android 10 and expo sdk 39. Could someone tell me if it is a common library problem? or some problem with the android version? thanks.

Hey @hcamachoint, without seeing any code implementation it’s impossible to say what’s going on or try to help here. Please provide a runnable example of the code you’ve implemented as well as a detailed review of the steps you’ve taken to set up push notifications.


Hi @adamjnav

Is it necessary to run extra steps to make the notification listener working in Android? Or with updating to SDK 41 and implementing the same code that iOS uses should work in an expo go app?