expo-notifications background task stops running once the app is suspended by iOS

This one is driving me bonkers!

  • this is iOS (we dont support Android yet), SDK 45
  • im not using Expo’s push service, I am using node-apn which lets you set content-available
  • My notification objects are correctly set according to Apple’s APNS guidelines:
"push-type": "background",
"content-available": 1,
"priority": 5

The notification itself is correct, because sometimes the background task does indeed run.

  • the background task actually works after I manually kill the app, or if I recently backgrounded it.
  • it doesn’t work when the app gets naturally suspended by iOS, from using other apps in a normal way. However, it looks like the app is still being woken up, because in this situation it opens immediately without any splash screen
  • I’ve stripped down the background task to its absolute simplest form:

Outside of the React scope, at the top of App.tsx:

const BACKGROUND_NOTIFICATION_TASK = "background-notification"

TaskManager.defineTask(BACKGROUND_NOTIFICATION_TASK, async (context) => {
    if (context.data.type === "dismiss") {
        // this does run!! even if I manually killed the app, but not if iOS naturally suspended it
        await Notifications.dismissAllNotificationsAsync()


Any suggestions? Again, it doesnt seem exactly like Apple is throttling me – besides, plenty of apps like Telegram are extremely reliable with clearing notifications, no matter how much you try to spam it

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