Expo Notification not returning delivery errors / status

We are using expo-server-sdk-dotnet to send notification to our app users. For last few days, notifications are delivered but the post request does not return. Below is the line of code that makes post request and control does not go beyond this line:

I see that above repo (expo-server-sdk-dotnet) is not updated for many months so wanted to check if there is any change in expo notification service.

Due to above issue, we are unable to determine delivery status of sent notifications.

Hey @chintanpshah, the dotnet library you linked to is maintained by the community so unfortunately we can’t provide support. I’m almost certain we haven’t made any changes to our infrastructure that would cause this but if I find out we have, I’ll circle back to let you know. I would recommend reaching out to the contributors of the library to get more insight.

I understand that it is maintained by community but as I said in my last post, that library is not updated since many months and we started observing this issue recently. Also, the library is nothing but providing dotnet way of calling HTTP API.

Have you found anything on expo server/infrastructure that might cause this issue?

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