Expo Notification: I am not able to get it working on other devices.


I don’t know if that’s an issue in the new notification version or it’s me who is doing something wrong!

The thing is, this the first time I do that by using functional component to trigger notifications once I add a new product to a list, I follow exactly this tutorial at: Push Notifications Overview - Expo Documentation .

I get noticed on my device actually, but I cannot see any notification on a second device. I don’t know if I am missing something or maybe I should do something more.

I am using the latest SDK 40, and I run the application in snack on two different devices. Also, I change the icon but I still see the expo icon I will paste a picture of my code.

Please I really need help with it, I been struggling with it for hours for now :frowning:

That’s how I register for push notification

and that’s how I set up all

and when i want to push a notification i do following,

Regards, and thank you in advance :slight_smile: