Expo Not Opening Latest Project

The problem that I am currently facing is that I have created new projects using cmd with expo. When I run the command “expo start/npm start” my project and after I scanned the QR code using the expo app on my phone, it keeps opening an old project which I have deleted long ago. Please help, I could not continue with my new project because of this issue.

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In case it’s picking up an older version, maybe you might want to goto App settings for Expo on your phone and delete all data. Else, try reinstalling the app altogether. I had this issue when I would click on the project name under ‘Recent’ category, instead of scanning the new QR code.

Hey @yokaidp9,

As rodiwaa mentioned, clearing the app cache and data is usually a solution to this issue. If that hasn’t fixed it, can you let me know what platform and Expo Client version you are using?



this is happening to me also, i am using galaxy s5 and windows 10. Also the live reload doesnt work. If i delete the app and re install it works the first time, then is hard to get the new code to load after that.

I tried clearing the data already, it didnt work for me. I have also reinstalled the expo app several times and even tried reinstalling expo on my computer still the same problem ;(

I am using android platform, Huawei Nova 2i. My Expo Client version is 2.10.1

Error: Asset not found: D:\yierling\assets\images\yokaiv2.png for platform: null
at D:\yierling\node_modules\metro\src\Assets.js:147:13
at Generator.next ()
at step (D:\yierling\node_modules\metro\src\Assets.js:326:347)
at D:\yierling\node_modules\metro\src\Assets.js:326:507

This is the error that I got, apparently my old app data seems to be “stuck” or something.

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Problem fixed. I cleared all the data and cache from Expo through the settings on my phone.