Expo not bundling the app and not reloading

Hi all, I am having problems connecting to my the expo server via LAN and try to load my react native app.
The server starts fine without any error shown in the console, when I connect to the server through my phone using the android app the log shows the following.

"Running application “main” with appParams: " Followed by the manifest payload.

The app stays stuck on the splash screen and no other message is logged. Trying to close the app and reopen the same message is logged and again it’s stuck on the splash screen.

I have tried the following:

  • clean $TMP/metro* cache
  • clean npm cache
  • stop watchman
  • clean watchman cache (watchman watch-del-all)
  • clean node_modules and run npm install

This has been happening only recently, one thing I noticed is that there is no message logged about the bundling progress that you would normally get, this time it does not appear neither when I start the app, nor when I save the file or connect to the server.

Is there any way I can try to force the bundling manually to see if I get any error?
Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

Can you provide us with:

  • Expo CLI version. expo —version.
  • NPM version. npm -v.

Does this happen with new projects as well?

Thanks in advance

npm version is 5.6.0
expo version is 2.3.8

Yes the same issue also persists when creating a new project from scratch under a different directory.

To add more details, I am able to work very smoothly with the ios simulator and my wifi connection is decent


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