Expo needs an official course developers can follow to learn.

Is there any talk or plans for the Expo team to make a real-world sample application that users can follow along with to learn a good chunk of how to build an Expo app with testing standalone, building with EAS, using environmental variables, using the main features like ImagePicker, permissions, auth session (google sign in, facebook sign in) etc.

Like, why is this not happening yet? The documentation is okay, but a lot of people also learn from being hands on while coding along with someone. I think a lot of people give up because they get stuck and can’t ever find an answer. At least with a course, or video guide through a project, developers would have a great understanding of core concepts and common issues and then maybe the docs would make more sense.

I see so many people on github and stackoverflow ask questions that have no answers. I feel like the Expo team needs a dedicated front man to make video content. The reason why web development is so popular and is easy to find answers to is because there are influencers constantly posting content through YouTube on it… we don’t have that with Expo.

Any plans to release a course that runs through the real things we need to make an application? At least it would create a building block…

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