Expo multiple image download

Hello everyone, i am kinda stuck in one place for a week or so now and i really need help.

I am building an app in expo react native, and the customer wants all his products visible to him ( pictures and informations ), all the time… even after going offline. He has around 5000 products and i’ve managed to save all the informations to SQLite database provided by expo and everything works awesome. Now the problem are the pictures, there are around 5000 pictures that i have to download ( links are provided in json file containing links to images ). He can also add products from webpage, and i will need to update the images if new are shown in json. I’ve tryed FileSystem.downloadAsync but it doesnt seem to work so great since its not saving them to internal storage, i might be missing something here?

What would be the best approach to this, any suggestions will help alot. What am i missing here?

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