Expo modules xcode build error with 'ViewModuleWrapper'

I’m using Expo modules just to run payments through expo-in-app-purchases since it’s one of the few well supported payment libs for React Native.

I just upgraded from RN 0.66 to 0.68 (Expo SDK 43 → 45) and I’m getting a very strange error trying to run my build in xcode 13.3. Essentially my build is failing with a host of errors related to Pods/Development Pods/ExpoModulesCore/Swift/Views/ViewModuleWrapper.swift

I’ve gone over the modules setup docs several times and made sure everything’s in place, I’ve cleaned my pods and build directory many times and I just can’t shake this compiler error.

expo doctor doesn’t find any problems.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Google’s coming up with 0 results for this file.

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