Expo-method/classes to get camera calibration data, e.g. AVCameraCalibrationData in iOS or CameraManager::getCameraCharacteristics in Android

SDK Version: 47
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS/Android

I am looking for a class or functions that can provide calibration data of the camera which are available in iOS with the AVCameraCalibrationData class (intrinsicMatrix, extrinsicMatrix, etc.) and in Android with CameraManager::getCameraCharacteristics (e.g. LENSE_DISTORTION, LENS_INTRINSIC_CALIBRATION, LENS_POSE_REFERENCE/ROTATION, etc.). I have not found these option in the current expo-camera as it is mainly focused on controlling the camera (which makes sense). I also couldn’t find any of that information in the metadata of videos/photos of mobile device cameras. This information is required for e.g. AR, SLAM, 3d-modelling developments etc… If non of that exists is there an easy work-around to get that information?

Thanks in Advance!

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