Expo mapview + sibling elements etc...


i am experimenting with expo mapview and i have found that it is a complete nightmare trying to fit it into navigation screen and on top of that you can’t add any other elements together with the expo mapview. I will add as well that on Android as of the latest update or whatever you can’t use the map without google api key. i followed the instructions on mapview docs and to be honest i am completely overwhelmed because these instructions are not coupled with the expo sdk at all.

i will explain my flow: in my app i have several screens and for this example we will address only 2 screens. the first screen is the home screen and the second screen is the mapview. the class that renders the second screen, which is the map, you cannot return a view element wrapping the mapiew because it will not appear, the mapview element will appear only if it is rendered and returned as a standalone element, which in turn makes this element unusable because i cannot nest any other elements in that screen such as a button or an input field etc…

the other thing i mentioned is the integration of the mapview element with Android OS. It is mandatory to use google api key to use the mapview element for any searches but with the current expo sdk there is no way to implement the integration of Android, mapview and google api key because the instructions are not matching the reality.
there is no android.package in app.json and you can’t create hashes with expo… you get the point.

hope you can help me!
Thanks in advance

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