Expo Managed Workflow Library Version Questions

I was reading through the article here:

On the workflow:

To install a library to an Expo managed project, run expo install . This command picks a version of the given library that matches with the runtime version used by the project. We call the runtime version the Expo SDK version. We can use the library from JavaScript without recompiling any native code.

Are my assumptions correct?

  1. The version that you get using expo install can be changed if the code changes are all Javascript based (no native code changes). However, this could potentially cause bugs since it’s not the recommended one to work with that Expo SDK.
  2. Having the library be listed in package.json means that it will use the javascript code from it, but the native code is already bundled into the “turtle shell” build that happens when you call expo build (not EAS).
  3. The only way to use a different version of a library with native code is to use an EAS build.

Are these all true?

Yeah, all 3 of those are true :+1:

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