Expo.Location not picking up Android emulator geolocation in Genymotion

I reported earlier that Android Studio verified that Expo is not receiving the Android emulated geo-location in Expo.Location not picking up Android emulator geolocation

And have confirmed it also is not returning anything in Genymotion.
Genymotion 2.12.2
Expo 29 Latest as of this post update

In both examples I ran any Samsung or Google device with Android 8.0 and up.

This is the method that is essentially blocking the thread here.
let location = await Location.getCurrentPositionAsync();
Just hangs, nothing comes back.

Live devices are obviously working so that’s great, but my app relies on geolocation and therefore is untestable on Android emulators because of this thread blocking.

I could refactor the code but if the device simply can’t talk to the geolocation API, then their app is useless. I do handle the instance of bad coordinates or no coordinate data. But that assumes recovery.

Can close this. I’m seeing it work now when I explicitly hit Enter key after typing in new values. (Sometimes requires 2-3 Enter events).

Also toggling ON/OFF.

But on first load, it’s not automatically picking it up. Likely the emulator doesn’t like firing off those events. But this isn’t a blocker for now.

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