expo location in bare app

How can i integrate the expo location in my react-native-init app??
I have installed the expo-location , bt its giving an error while running the command “react-native run-android”
"* What went wrong:
A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:expo-location’.

Project with path ‘:expo-core’ could not be found in project ‘:expo-location’."

i have installed the expo-core globally.
and in expo-location/android/build.gradle on line 58 i have code written

“if (new File(rootProject.projectDir.parentFile, ‘package.json’).exists()) {
apply from: project(”:expo-core").file(“…/expo-core.gradle”);
} else {
throw new GradleException(
“‘expo-core.gradle’ was not found in the usual Flutter or React Native dependency locations. " +
“This package can only be used in such projects. Are you sure you’ve installed the dependencies properly?”)

Hey @sukumar007,

You can read all about implementing Unimodules in your project here. I’m guessing that if you used react-native init, you might find some help at the @unimodules/core README.

Good luck!

Thanks , that solved the problem .
are there any alternatives to the TaskManager of expo in bare app for now as it is not supported for the bare app .

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