expo-location doesnt work

hello how are you?
i found an issue with expo-location while i tried the snack example.
i ran it on the phone by qr code and after that i gave the perrmisions its always on waiting…
and not show the location data.
i am a student and i need to use the expo-location for one project and will be happy if someone will can to help me with it, i used expo-location in the past, but now the snack doesnt work then wanted to know if its issue on my device or an other issue.
tnx a lot and wish you all a great day.

Hey @coolbag0, we’ve seen some reports of an issue regarding Location provider unavailable but are you saying the permission promise never resolves for you?


Hi adam tnx for the response,
i checked it now and looks that i get the location data again, if ill find an other issue later ill send it here at this topic or if it will close ill open an other one.
tnx a lot and wish you a great day.

tsapeta commented 1 hour ago

Hi everyone,

I’m really sorry you’re encountering this issue on production apps — I can confirm it’s caused by an update to Google Play Services that we can’t really control. That’s a bit of a shame that Google is doing such things. Anyway, we will do our best to release this workaround to our builders. I intentionally don’t name it a fix, because we used the API correctly, according to the documentation.

Please give us some time to precisely test it before the release, we will keep you informed.