Expo local JSON data asset

I have just upgraded from Expo 40 to Expo 48. The data in my app comes from a local JSON file that is stored under the assets directiory. This works fine during development and previously worked fine during build, however with EAS build on Expo 48 EAS cannot find the JSON file.

How should this be referenced/imported in the app?


Classic build service was bundling your js locally and only sent js bundle to the builder. With EAS Build full build happens on our servers, so you need to make sure all files that you need get uploaded.

I suspect that file is missing because it’s gitignored.

Check fyi/eas-build-archive.md at main · expo/fyi · GitHub for more details what gets uploaded to EAS.
You can also use eas build:inspect --stage archive to see verify that on your project.

Thanks, that’s has fixed it

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