Expo Loads to 100% but doesn't start app

I start my react native project on Expo XDE and then choose to run it on my android device. XDE says it builds Javascript all the way up to 100% but then the app doesn’t start. The expo icon continues to blink on and off while the top green bar indicates that its at 100%.

I have tried reinstalling both the desktop and mobile client along with re-cloning my repo. The project works on my colleagues device but not mine. USB debugging is enabled and I have gotten it working before.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? I thought Expo was really nice till it started to become inconsistent for my android device.

Please help!

Thank you.

Sorry Expo’s not working for you right now. Could you try deleting your app data (Android sometimes keeps around your app data after uninstalling your app), uninstalling and reinstalling the Expo app, and then trying again. If that doesn’t work for you, it might help us to know what Android device you’re using and to see the logs from it (adb logcat, instructions here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/logging.html#view-logs-from-android-device-or-emulator).

There might also be a bug that happens before the first render() in your project that’s happening only on your device but not your colleague’s. If this is the case, the exp/XDE logs should show your error somewhere in their log output. (There might be a lot of output you’ll have to scroll through but the error should be nested in there.)

Hey, thanks just watned to say this helped. My app was stuck on expo splash screen even though i uninstalled it. After uninstalling I had to go to settings > storage then click other apps and try to delete anythign that looked expo related.
If reinstall expo and find any user data lingering from last projects, it means you missed something. Try uninstall and clear again.

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