Expo is slow, takes more than 3 mins to load slight changes

Problem: Expo is being too slow to install a currently developed app on windows on an actual android device, it takes about 3 to 4 mins to take changes in action!

Expected behavior: taking less than 5 seconds to install (hot reload).

my android device is Nexus 6p with Oreo 8.0.0

what could be the problem? and whats the solution


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The version i used in my situation above is 2.20.1, i tried to reinstall it, but nothing affected.
but i tried an older version of expo 2.19.3, it was way faster than the 2.20.1 in my case! it takes about 10 seconds at max to reload

I suspect the issue is not the version of Expo and it is more affected by your network connection. There is an option to switch from “tunnel” network connections to LAN IPs — if your device is on the same network as your computer this may be a lot faster.

Thanks for your reply Ide,
I don’t know :\ I used all of the possible combinations of settings but was the same thing happening (slow loading), and i am sure that my internet connection is stable and fast 16 MB/s.

I’ll check and retry again and I’ll reply for any updates.