Expo is signing my .aab with their own certificate


I’m trying to upload an .aab to google play, i did it before like 20 times, with APK or .aab generated by expo.

Right now I’m not able to upload the .aab because i’m getting the error:
“Your Android App Bundle is signed with an invalid key. Make sure it contains the correct signing key and try again: SHA1”
I uploaded to google my own .pem, and I can see the SHA1 in google play store.

And when I’m doing in my computer: expo fetch:android:hashes
I can see a different SHA1, from the one that I can see on google play store.

I’m using my own keystore running:
expo build:android --clear-credentials --type app-bundle

But expo is still using the same SHA1, that I listed before to sign my .aab

Also in the build in Expo I can see this:

Creating keystore

Keystore created successfully

Keystore sent to storage successfully

I’m blocked and I do not know what do to, I think expo it’s not generating the .aab with my own keystore.

Thanks in advance



Can you try steps listed here Certificate APK Android
We will be working on a fix, but in a meantime one of those workarounds should update keystore.

Can you also make sure you are on the most recent expo-cli?


I did an update last night, in one of my test.

I’m using the lastest version

The only way to fix this is doing:

expo credentials:manager

I have 3 apps created with Expo 25 versions in 1, and 15 versións in the others, unfortunatelly this is the only way to fix it now.

Thanks for your help and support


Hey Juan we are trying to repro this issue, when you were running your build did you get the message: ** Would you like to upload a keystore or have us generate one for you?
If you don’t know what this means, let us handle it! :)**?


I have the same keystore since 2015, so when I saw that message, i was pressing 2, because i wanted to use my owen keystore.

The problem was that Expo was not generating the .aab/apk with my keystore, it was generating a new one, i saw this message in 10 builds that failed in the store:

“Creating keystore
Keystore created successfully
Keystore sent to storage successfully”

And I was sending my own keystore.

When I did: expo credentials:manager

And I did the setup for the my keystore manually, and I did the build, it took the correct keystore, i checked the hash, before and after.

Thanks for everything

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