Expo is reloading when trying to write into text input on ios simulator

I have an input where users write email and password. The Expo app reloads whenever I am trying to write an email with the letter ‘r’. Is there any way to stop this from happening or customize the shortcut we want to use for reloading the app? I am using Expo 46.

We are seeing the same issue here, also on Expo 46 with an EAS built development client.

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I have the same issue with Expo 46 as well. It turns out that it is happening only with an iOS 16 simulator. I installed an older simulator runtime (15.5) and it’s working as expected on this version.

This is just a temporary workaround though, and I hope Expo will fix this soon.

While investigation, I found that React Native has a mechanism that if the focus is in a text input. Expo has something similar but I can’t find if it’s actually used.

When comparing between iOS 15.5 and iOS 16, EXDevMenu_handleKeyCommand in DevMenuKeyCommandsInterceptor.swift is only called on iOS 16 even though the same actions are registered.

A simple solution would be to use a modifier when registering the shortcut. The obvious solution is Cmd+R but I guess it would conflict with the existing simulator shortcut.

Anyway, I wanted to share the workaround as it can be helpful.

as far as we know, the problem exists with Xcode 14.1, and possibly only with Xcode 14.1 and iOS 16 simulators (I can’t reproduce in Xcode 14.0 with iOS 16 simulators). I believe this occurs in bare React Native as well as in development builds. we’ll investigate this

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This is resolved in the latest version of expo-dev-client package. Please upgrade to use version: 2.0.1.


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