Expo. Is a free to use?

Hello everyone! I’m a newbie here and I really hope to get a specific and honest answer to my question. If I use Expo and Snack with a free license to develop commercial or non-commercial projects, do I have to pay any money to the company developing Expo and Snack or someone else? Is cloud build and all tools corresponding to the free license free? Is everything absolutely free?

Expo SDK is fully open source expo/LICENSE at master · expo/expo · GitHub and it’s free to use both for commercial or non-commercial projects

Services like snack or cloud builds are free to use, but there is option to upgrade to premium that will allow e.g. priority builds

We are working on new set of services (EAS) that will be paid, but there will be free tier available that should allow to do everything paid user can, just with some limits.


Thank you for your answer. I have several questions:

  1. Can I write native code, for example, in Java / Objective C / Swift with a free license?
  2. What is EAS? What are the benefits of EAS?
  3. If I make an IOS application, will I need to pay $ 100 to Apple or use Xcode? Or will it all be free?
  4. Can you please explain the key features and benefits of a paid license?
    I really like your product and I really want to know as much as possible about your product.
  1. In terms of license yes, but in current state if you want to use expo infrastrucutre(builds, snack, …) you can only write js. Or you can eject and write java/objective c, but you will need to build locally on your machine.
  2. Expo Application Services (EAS): Build and Submit | by Brent Vatne | Exposition
    One of the changes that EAS will be introducing is ability to include native code without ejecting
  3. Yes, you need to have paid apple account to create app store builds and to submit them to app store. without that account you can only create simulator builds.
  4. We don’t have paid license, all libraries we are providing are open source, only part that you can pay for is premium account that is affecting only use of our infrastructure. Currently that account gives you priority builds and early access to EAS https://expo.io/developer-services
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@sourcecode007 to clarify this part, basically if you have a free account, you can run expo build:android or expo build:ios to build your standalone app, but depending on the number of other people building their apps at the same time it can sometimes take a while. With a “premium” account you have priority access to Expo’s build servers, so it’s faster to build your apps.

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Thank you for your answer! I understood correctly: EAS helps to write code in java / objective C / swift right in the expo? Will EAS be available for a free account? If yes, then when?

Thank you for your answer!

EAS helps to write code in java / objective C / swift right in the expo?

It allows building apps that include native code in the cloud, it does not affect the actual development process. If you want to actively develop native code you need to do that locally, either way, doing that via cloud builds would be inefficient.

Will EAS be available for a free account? If yes, then when?

Yes, when we will release it officially (currently it’s in preview/beta phase). We don’t have an exact date yet.

Thank your for your answer. Are your icons from import { Ionicons } from ‘@expo/vector-icons’; also free?

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