Expo ipa apk build

Hello Team,
Can I create ipa through xcode for an expo project ?
whenever i created ipa thorugh xcode , it is getting crash on splash screen. But the same application runs properly while creating ipa using expo build command.

Yes it is possible but you’ll need to be mindful of environment differences such as version numbers of Xcode, etc.

Yes , I checked all versions and all necessary things like icon , splash screen , camera usage descritption in info.plist.
Still the same version which is working fine using expo build comannad , is not working while doing from xcode archive.
Xcode version is 13.2.1
node 16.13.1
Please let me know if you need any info

It sounds like you have an ios directory in your project? If so, do you have any of your own custom changes there? e.g. your own custom native code? (You say the app that was built with expo build works fine, so it seems you do not.)

expo build ignores the ios or android directories if you have them in your project.

If you do not need to make changes to the native code, you can delete the ios and android directories. You can still build locally using eas build --local e.g.:

eas build --platform ios --profile production --local

Also, often in the past you would have needed to eject in order to use dependencies that use native code. These days it’s possible to use a config plugin instead. Because config plugins are still only a few months old you might have to write one yourself. But more and more package authors are including config plugins with their packages so that you can just add them to your plugins array in app.json.