"expo.io" URL showing in iOS "Sign In" modal pop-up

We’re using Auth0 for user authentication and therefore are using the AuthSession class in the Expo API. In iOS, this results initially in a modal dialog requesting the user’s permission to open a web view to the authentication page, saying '"[App name]" Wants to Use “expo.io” to Sign In".

Our user experience team has raised this as an issue with our engineering team, preferring to replace the reference to the “expo.io” domain with one under the company’s control so as to make the user experience less confusing.

It doesn’t appear that there is any easy way to do this, but I’m hoping maybe I’m just not finding it. The only forum post I can find referencing a similar need is this: Using AuthSession to logout

However that post notes that it isn’t easy to fix as a custom bounce server would need to be setup and the Expo code changed to refer to that URL instead. Is that still the case today?

Hi @drive.ai. You’ll need to set up your own server if you want to customize that. AuthSession makes it easier to use OAuth flows but it’s still just built on top of OAuth, so we can’t fundamentally change how that works. Also, you don’t need a bounce server to build an OAuth flow with Expo, it just makes it easier to develop as described here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/auth-session#it-makes-redirect-url-whitelists-easier-to.

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Thanks a ton for the informative reply @jesse! I figured as much but wanted to be sure.

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