Expo-Inspecting behind keyboard

I have put an onPress={Keyboard.dismiss()} on my parent in order to be able to dismiss the keyboard by pressing away from it. This seems to work on some of my screens, but not all. Which seems odd to me.

I figured if i could use the expo inspector to see if i am hitting another view, but the inspector panel is below the keyboard, so i have no way of enabling that with my keyboard on. Does anybody have any ide as to how i can debug this?

Hmmm… nothing comes to mind except to do something where you fiddle with the JS code that generates the inspector, and change the styling so it appears somewhere else.

I think the right file might be Libraries/Inspector/InspectorPanel.js under node_modules/react-native in your project. (You may have to restart your project to make sure the changes are picked up, I’m not sure)

For others with the same problem, it seems that does not work, so i ended up using because it is a touchable

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