expo init my-new-project

Using npm to install packages. You can pass --yarn to use Yarn instead.

√ Downloaded and extracted project files.

Installing JavaScript dependencies.

It has been installing for 30 hours , it’s there any way to slove this

I’m not familiar to using Windows for developing, but can be several things like:

Node version: Don't use last version, user Node 10 or 12 (prefer 10)
Try NVM for Windows to control node versions

Try use another bash like Git Bash


Yes, it seems that people on Windows have had problems developing with later versions of node (13.x or 14.x). 12.x should work OK.

I also don’t personally use Windows for Expo development. If I did, I would use WSL2 with Ubuntu on Windows 10.

I don’t think the speed issues have anything to do with node or Powershell, though. It is probably a network issue of some kind.

@bazingaliu Are you able to use a VPN to see if that improves the speed?

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