expo-in-app-purchases responseCode 0 with EAS

  • EAS managed workflow
  • eas-cli/0.43.0, node-v14.16.1

Hi everyone. I’m trying to get expo-in-app-purchases up and running with EAS build. I have successfully installed the package and built the application. The app throws no exception when the connectAsync is called.
I have also configured a product and a sanbox tester account in the app store connect, and it’s in the Ready for Submit state.
The problem is that when I call getHistory or getItem, I am asked to provide sandbox creds, and it goes fine, but then Iget responseCode = 0.
I have checked the entitlement in the Apple Developer account for this app, and it’s enabled, but grayed out, so I cannot disable it or toggle.

Speaking about the entitlement, I ran this command:
EXPO_DEBUG=1 eas build -p ios --profile preview

And in logs I can see this:

Existing to disable:  [

I should say that I’m trying to build a preview version to test everything and see logs in the console. Could it be done at all? Is there a chance that it’s gonna work as soon as I build a standalone version without dev client? Should I explicitly set the entitlement in the app.json?

hi, not sure but maybe this will help you ExpoのManaged Workflowでアプリ内課金を実装する | Omoidasu Tech Blog
The article is in Japanese but google translates it almost perfectly.
Thanks to this article I implemented expo-in-app-purchases in Managed App (SDK 44) and tested successfully on iOS

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