`expo-image` x `jest` Cannot find native module 'ExpoImage'

I successfully updated my app to expo SDK 48
it’s working on production :raised_hands:

but now many of my jest test are failling

  ● Test suite failed to run

    Cannot find native module 'ExpoImage'

      1 | import React from "react";
      2 | import type { ImageProps, ImageStyle } from "expo-image";
    > 3 | import { Image as ExpoImage } from "expo-image";

How can I fix the error message Cannot find native module 'ExpoImage'?

I tried to

// jest.setup.js


but it’s not working :cry:

fixed with

yarn add --dev jest-expo@latest

This solution works for Expo 47 as well. After adding expo-image to my project, my tests would fail with the same error. After updating to latest, all is well. I’m a little concerned that my jest-expo version is now on 48.0.2 while my Expo is on 47.0.1, but my tests are passing again.

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