Expo Image-Picker with Camera Option?

I’m on SDK 41 Managed.

Is there a way to have an option to launch the camera from the image picker mode (similar to the Image Picker on Twitter) where you have a Camera icon in the top right?

Or is there any component that works with Expo Managed that has this?

I find myself having to implement this using some kind of launchpad (like an ActionSheet) where you pick Camera or Gallery.

Most of the time users want to use the Gallery and pick a photo but occasionally they want to take a new one.

Does such a thing exist for Expo Managed? Or do you have to write your own Gallery/Picker component?

Hey @tennisbum, there is no baked-in solution for this with the expo-image-picker module unfortunately. You’d have to create your own to be able to implement this custom flow.


Got it, thanks!

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