expo-image-picker crashes on Android after image is picked SDK 44

Here’s a Snack using the exact same example code from the docs

Please note: The Snack uses Expo SDK 43 and expo-image-picker v11 but the issue remains with SDK 44 and expo-image-picker v12.

When picking an image on a standalone build (EAS), the app will crash/restart.
The issue can be replicated in Expo Go when viewing the Snack by enabling the Developer Options > Don’t keep activities’ option.

The docs mention that Android likes to kill background processes and suggests to use ImagePicker.getPendingResultAsync() but offers no example on how this should be implemented.
I’ve tried to implement it in a useEffect hook, before/after the image picking but the result is always the same, a crashed app.

Thanks in advance!

Forums dead I guess rip

Please create an issue in the Expo repository on GitHub with the details.