Hello everyone.

I was using expo-google-sign-in - npm

To sign in to my app(android). It was working fine in classic expo build. But once i migrated to eas its not working anymore. I was using google.json file from firebase for providing android credentials. Now google dialogue appears for selecting email but once i select an email loading starts momentarily and it just stops.

Kind note that i am testing app on my local android phone and it has not yet been submitted to Google play store. However build is set to production in eas.json. it is apk file.

Following is my eas.json

​ ​"cli"​: {
​ ​"version"​: ​"​>= 0.35.0​"
​ },
​ ​"build"​: {
​ ​"production"​: {
​ ​"android"​: {
​ ​"buildType"​: ​"​apk​"
​ }
​ }
​ },
​ ​"submit"​: {
​ ​"production"​: {}
​ }

Any solutions please??

Hey @basit3407, please take a look at our guide for debugging production errors here. Following the information presented there should help in discovering more about what’s happening with your auth flow issue.


Hello @adamjnav
I have raised the issue. Cannot sign in using expo-google-sign-in (https://docs.expo.dev/versions/latest/sdk/google-sign-in/) library for EAS build. · Issue #15182 · expo/expo · GitHub

Could you please look into it?