expo-google-sign-in or expo-google-app-auth

I would like to sign in my user which should be logged in its google account and then register its account in firebase. It looks pretty simple but I am confused by the expo documentation why of these pages should I use :

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I’m also interested to know the differences.

From my understanding:

  • expo-google-sign-in shows you a native window for login confirmation
  • expo-google-app-auth shows you a web browser window instead

According to https ://forums.expo.io/t/expo-google-app-auth-vs-expo-google-sign-in/37755 it seems that expo-google-app-auth also works in standalone clients. Documentation is confusing about this.

Then there’s also https://docs.expo.io/guides/authentication/#google which allows you to sign in via a web browser window and supports every platform (see auth session documentation)

Thank you younes.
In https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/google-sign-in/ it is written
expo-google-sign-in provides native Google authentication for standalone Expo apps
Does standalone mean “managed” or “web” or none of these?
Then below it is written: “It cannot be used in the Expo client” and right below in the platform compatibility it is written that is compatible with Android Emulator and IOS Simulator.
But Android Emulator and IOS Simulator are part of Expo client
So I don’t understand.
Using expo not ejected in managed mode is handy because you don’t have to code in a specific IDE. So it could be so valuable to be able to simply log in with google in a managed mode! Expo Team please Help with this.

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