Expo Go uses Expo SDK 43.0.0 when installed version is 43.0.3; Use 43.0.3 instead of 43.0.0 in EAS build

This is a 2 parted issue.

I have a feature that only works with Expo 43.0.3 in production, but not 43.0.0. My workflow is as follows:

Make sure it’s working in Expo Go

  • with a simple expo start.
  • with an expo start --no-dev --minify -c (prod simulation in Expo Go)

Then, make a simulator build and make sure it’s working.

I was able to temporarily get 43.0.3 running in Expo Go, but for some reason it keeps reverting back to 43.0.0. Every time I do eas build (with some other flags), it uses expo 43.0.0 to build the app, which doesn’t work. I see that it’s possible to configure node and yarn versions in eas.json, but it’s not possible with expo, even with throwing sdkVersion in app.json

Any tips?

we don’t change the expo package version on eas build. the sdk version is always identified as “43.0.0” even if the package is “43.0.3” because the sdk version identifies which runtime to use in expo go, whereas patch releases usually just change js code that is compatible with the runtime