expo go times out

I am new to expo, I have installed expo cli on windows, successfully generated a QR code for my app’. Expo go scans it but times out. I noticed when building it said using port 19000, when expo go times out it’s says ‘no response on 19002’. I have tried two windows PC’s and two Android devices, same result. HELP!

Hey @stevebedford, can you check if you have any firewalls, antivirus programs or other network configuration tools that could be affecting the ability to connect? (This is more common for Windows users to encounter)

Yes I faced this issue a lot of time on windows, to solve this you have to disable the firewall.

Hi Adam,

Wow, thanks for the info. I.ve been banging my head on the PC for days.

I’ll give that a blast first thing tomorrow.

Once again THANKS!

Regards… Steve