Expo Go suddenly failing with all builds on account

I’m getting “failed to load all assets error” on all builds in expo go, and cant load the builds at all. Even builds that were built prior that were already working. This seems confined to my expo go account, other team members are not experiencing this. I’ve tried deleting the app, but it persists. and it happens on two different devices using my account.

which expo go version are you using? can you share a link to the app that you are loading? what platform (ios/android)? are you using eas update or classic updates?

I could share privately to you if you like
eas update

please send me your project url to brent@expo.dev if you’re not comfortable sharing it here

also please share a link to the specific update that you are trying to load

@brents through no action of my own, expo go just started working again randomly. Is there maybe some service that was down or fixed since my post?

could it have been an issue with network connectivity on your device?