Expo Go showing old project and channel not working

Hi, I just recently upgraded my app from SDK 45 to SDK 47. In the process we also migrated to using EAS build and EAS update. My app has three channels, dev, staging and production. Right now I’m trying to test our Staging app on Android device by publishing to the staging channel with:

npx expo-optimize ./ && eas update --channel staging --platform all

Before the upgrade, I would be able to open Expo Go and see the Project in the projects list for the channel staging. However, now when I open Expo Go I only see the old project for SDK 45 in the projects list. If I click into that project I can see it says that SDK 45 is not supported and the Staging branch listed above. I am able to run my staging channel app by selecting the Staging branch option. However, it seems doing Updates.channel is not return “staging”, it’s returning nothing. Do you know why this would be happening?

Furthermore, how do I remove the project that is using SDK 45 from the Expo Go projects list? Or have it updated to the new SDK 47 version?

Thanks for your help!