Expo Go preview on iOS with expo.dev/@username

Hey there

I do a lot of React Native Bootcamps.
During the hackathon day I use expo publish to ship applications on my profile
Example: https://expo.dev/@flexbox/jimmy-punchline

Problem only with iOS devices
If people want to have a preview on their phone, I have this error message

iPhone 8

iPhone X

It’s working with Android devices.

What I am doing wrong?

hi there!

back in 2018 we had to change the expo go app on ios to restrict access only to authors of a project or developers on the same team as the author with viewer privileges. it looks like in the latter screenshot the phone was in dark mode and so the text was incorrectly set to white, a regression that was fixed in https://github.com/expo/expo/pull/15516 but not released to the app store yet.

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Hey @brents thanks for the feedback

I finally understand where the 403 error is coming from :sweat_smile:

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Hi guys,

I encountered the same problem today.
I managed to open projects just fine in “expo go” on iOS that was downloaded about 2 months ago and today I downloaded “expo go” for a colleague and now he gets similar error:

Might it be related or is it some other issue or am I missing something?
How can I publish my project to iOS users in “expo go”(on Android it works fine)?


I will work on every Android phone.
For iOS, you need to be signed in on the same expo team.

I wonder what did I miss because it worked fine on one iOS without sign in, but OK I’ll take it as a fact, @flexbox thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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