Expo Go Fails to Install Mac

Computer: Macbook Pro M1
Ios: 14.5
Xcode: 12.5
Expo-cli: 4.6.0

After creating a new project and running trying to run the app in ios emulator, I get this error message:

Error running xcrun simctl openurl BB3E####-1##C-4D5F-8867-9D53E8A7910C exp:// An error was encountered processing the command (domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain, code=-10814):
The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -10814.)

In the ios simulator that pops up with xcode, Expo Go appears black and could not be installed. This error happens every time I try to create an expo-cli project and run the ios simulator. Any help is appreciated!

Hey @mattjhawken, can you take a look at this section of our docs and see if the suggested steps help to fix this?


Hi @adamjnav that didn’t fix the issue, any other ideas? I got the same/similar error code:

  • Error running xcrun simctl install BB3E383A-1BBC-4D5F-8867-9D53E8A7910C /Users//.expo/ios-simulator-app-cache/Exponent-2.19.6.tar.app : An error was encountered processing the command (domain=IXUserPresentableErrorDomain, code=1):
    Unable To Install “Expo Go”
    Please try again later.

Could this be an x code error?

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