Expo Go does not run on a device

Expo client suddenly stopped to load on device - just shows Expo splash. Clearing cache on device, reloading, updating from Play Store - all did not helped.
On iOs it’s ok but did not receive bundles - cannot to connect via LAN.

What’s going on?

Please help, I need to continue my work on the apps (

Hey @grebennikovalex, for clarification are you saying that you can not load experiences using Expo Go or that the Expo Go app remains at the Expo splash screen and never shows the main Expo Go interface (Profile, Projects, etc)?


Hey Adam ) It was a complete mystery. Lasted just few hours on my Android device, iPhone was not affected… Internet connection was ok (but you know - there are some issues with internet connection here in Russia due to elections this Sunday - but blaming this is a conspiracy, I hope).

Now everything is working ok, thank you )
I’m a real fan of Expo, planning to do my first EAS Build )