Expo Go Custom with SDK 41

Hi, I’ve installed Expo Go Custom to test background location on my project but it seems SDK 41 is not supported yet for this Expo Go Custom. I’ve not found the information, do you know when the new sdk will be supported ?



Same here.


Unable to install Custom Expo Go. Here is error in:
Error: Unexpected server error.
at new t (commons-6f913a06ec1c356b57f1.js:1)
at t.o.getQueryResult (commons-6f913a06ec1c356b57f1.js:1)
at t.getExecuteResult (commons-6f913a06ec1c356b57f1.js:1)
at t.execute (commons-6f913a06ec1c356b57f1.js:1)
at commons-6f913a06ec1c356b57f1.js:1
at commons-6f913a06ec1c356b57f1.js:1
at m (commons-6f913a06ec1c356b57f1.js:1)
at O (commons-6f913a06ec1c356b57f1.js:1)
at l (d641b723af020fda529c101a36a937daae39fd57-60e657ceb1e7cc7fd016.js:1)
at no (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at Vo (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at ju (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at xi (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at Si (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at ki (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at pi (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1
at t.unstable_runWithPriority (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at jl (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at Hl (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at Bl (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at ii (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
at Po (framework-72a7ad4ad3b25e69f3d8.js:1)
Please help.