Expo Go App not receiving Update Project

I have the need to run a project from Expo Go without being connected to PC. We are developing an app that require GPS and needs to be tested in open field.

Before EAS became the standard to create projects i used

expo build:android

ad this created not only the apk, but uploaded the project to my account and i was able to start it from Expo Go projects section just like the app was installed on phisical device. That worked also fo iOS and was a great testing feature.

After i moved to EAS Build

eas build -p android --profile preview --clear-cache

my project inside Expo Go does not update anymore and its stucked at sdk 44 even if now i’m working (and creating builds) with sdk 46.

I went through the official documentation many times but i don’t get how to make the app start from Expo Go (project sction) as i did before. Maybe i’m missing some configuration.

Thank you all for any kind reply. Have a good day.