Expo Go Android 2.23.2 (current version on the play store) does not work with Android 5.0 devices

I have tried it with 2 different Android 5.0 devices (I even factory reset one of them to start with a clean slate) and it consistently displays blank white screen after the splash screen with expo logo. Does not get to the expo home screen.

The store listing says it “Requires Android 5.0 and up”. Is this version known to work with 5.0?

BTW, as an additional data point, my app built with expo sdk 44 (React Native .64.3) exhibits the same behavior. After I install it with apk, and launch it; it shows the splash screen and then blank white screen. Perhaps RN .64 does not work with Android 5.0?

Another data point, both Expo Go 2.23.2 and my app work fine with ios.

I will appreciate any help. Thanks.
Hemant Thakkar

Hello! I’m experiencing the same behaviour. Expo Go on a Huawei Honor 7 with Android 5.0.2 shows Expo logo and then gets stuck on a blank white screen. Any updates?