Expo Frequently Unresponsive on Android Device

I’m repeatedly getting the following error when attempting to start an app.

The error occurs more than 75% of the times I’ve tried to open my app on Android. I’ve successfully run Expo apps in the past, and this frequency seems to correspond to the release of Expo 20.
I occasionally get the error immediately on opening an app on the device via XDE. This appears to be solvable by clearing the cache and opening the app again.

I’ve attempted the following fixes:
Individually restarted the phone and Expo XDE, as well as restarting both. This seems to work for a little while and then the problem returns.
One new behavior that I have noticed is when changing the code in a redux reducer. Previously, this would cause an error since Expo was not able to reload the app via Hot Reload. I do not know the specifics of this error, but it was consistent and expected. I could always count on selecting reload, and all was fine. Now, not only do I not get the error when changing a reducer, I get the above error when trying to open the app on the device again.
Selecting Close App on the error screen then just leaves me with a blank white screen that I have to close manually.

I’ve provided feed as using “Send Feedback” button on said error screen.

Development device is a Motorola Nexus 6
I wiped the device clean and re-installed everything after my initial problems with Expo 20 documented in a previous post.

Thanks for the report. Not sure what’s causing this but I’ll look into it and let you know if there’s any more info I need.

Thanks. I hope to have a new device to try Expo on in a couple of days. I will report back with how it works.

Looks like the problem was that I wasn’t using the correct version of the XDE. I updated my project to v20, but did not receive a notice to update the XDE even after restarting the XDE a few times. I finally received the XDE update notice yesterday, and things have been working as expected since I installed the latest version.