expo-firebase-recaptcha error `verifier._reset` is undefined

SDK Version: 43
Platforms: iOS dev environment within Expo Go or in the app itself


"firebase": "^9.5.0",
"expo-firebase-recaptcha": "~2.0.2",
"expo-firebase-core": "~4.0.3",

When trying to use Firebase Expo Verification Modal I get the following error after trying to submit a phone number:

TypeError: verifier._reset is not a function.  (In 'verifier._reset()', 'verifier._reset' is undefined)

Notice below that this function does not exist. This may be required by the Firebase 9.5.0, not entirely sure who or how this is being called.

some more information can be tracked here: SDK 43 - PhoneAuthProvider and other classes from firebase/auth 9.1.0 are exported as undefined · Issue #14780 · expo/expo · GitHub

seems like once this PR is merged, this will be solved [firebase-recaptcha] Add missing _reset method to modal verifier by byCedric · Pull Request #15102 · expo/expo · GitHub

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Expo will publish new version of expo-firebase-recaptcha soon?

Any chances of updating expo-firebase-recaptcha version on npm ?

they published these changes in expo-firebase-recaptcha@2.1.0 (next tag) it works with SDK43.

$ expo install expo-firebase-recaptcha@2.1.0

firebase-recaptcha - Update web imports and add _reset for v9

This will also ship with SDK 44.

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