Expo.FileSystem.readAsStringAsync can't read image files on iOS

Expo.FileSystem.readAsStringAsync can’t read image files generated by either Expo.ImagePicker.launchCameraAsync and Expo.ImagePicker.launchImageLibraryAsync

When I try to read as string an image file generated by Expo ImagePicker api, I get an error:

Unhandled promise rejection: Error: File 'file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/E47428A4-FD10-4438-BF1A-3BAF338CEC64/Library/Caches/ExponentExperienceData/%2540smartup%252Fsmartupio/ImagePicker/031BC044-94B1-4B9D-9A06-D379D6EB2809.jpg' could not be read.

calling Expo.FileSystem.getInfoAsync on that file uri returns exists field as 1

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