Expo fails to deploy app locally on iOS, no error

Using iPhone 12 Pro version 15.0.2

My project is failing to launch locally via the Expo Go app when deploying via expo-cli through VSCode.

After deploying using “expo start” and scanning the barcode or manually opening the application through Expo Go I get the “Opening Project…” prompt for less than a second and then I’m presented with the options “Try again” and “Go back to Expo Home” with no errors anywhere. “Try again” does nothing.

I’ve attempted scanning the barcode, changing from LAN to tunnel to local, and emailing a link to myself from each of those options. I’ve cleared cache during “expo start” as well. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Expo Go on my phone. I completely nuked NPM and Expo on my development machine and reinstalled. I’ve launched and deployed via Powershell and command prompt with no luck either.

Firewall is disabled. Local ip outputted in console looks fine.Tried setting my desktop connection to public. I logged out and back into the expo-cli. All no luck.

This all started occurring today with no manual changes to any of my tooling from last night when everything was working perfectly.

If I open the application using the web option, my application loads as expected in my desktop browser.

I’m dumb. Tried everything but “expo upgrade” which did the trick!

You should not have needed to upgrade, but I’m glad it’s working again for you.