Expo failed build:ios on windows 10

I cant build an ios application on windows 10 using poewrshell. I try with expo build:ios but I cant because I have a problem with authentication, the terminal said: “Could not receive latest api from key from app store” I dont know what can be the problem.
I try with:

  • I have WSL and I have ubuntu installed
    *I use powershell as administrator
    *I have the latest expo-cli 4.0.17
    *My apple developer account works and I have all Terms and conditions

I also try with expo --skip-credentials-check but I have another error standalone build failed and I have no logs to see what can be the problem. I am really desperate.

Note: I used the set EXPO_DEBUG=true but I didnt show the error.


Hey @wolusiter, from a quick glance it looks like your project is running SDK36 which is no longer supported, meaning trying to build a new binary won’t work. You’ll need to upgrade to a supported SDK version (37-40).


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