expo facedetector setting works only once

Hi, I’m making camera app and I want to use smileprobability.
So I set my facedetectorsetting like below.

It works usually but after I make the app hidden for checking my gallery and then make the app on again, the option become changed. (all → none)
So that I can’t get smileprobability anymore.

I’m using android and sdk version 33
and I use my real phone for simulating.

Is it bug or how can I fix it?

Hey @howwwwwhy,

Can you provide a reproducible example of this behavior for us?


hmm. I’m working on my project so I’ll show this on-going code in my github

I put my camera setting in state.
As I said, when I run this app it works well but after I push home button for doing other work and then run this app again I can’t get smileprobability value even if it catch faces in onFacesDetected function.
That’s why I think my facedetectorsetting has been reset.

and I haven’t build yet.
Thank you!!!

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