expo export setting release channel


Was just wondering if it’s possible to set the release channel for an expo export?

expo export --release-channel preproduction
error: unknown option `–release-channel’

I noticed that a manifest published through expo publish has the releaseChannel as a base level property. If it just update this manually before uploading the file to our CDN would this be the same as setting this command in expo publish?

Hey @roleyfoley! You can see all the options/flags for a command by running expo export -h
(No release channel configure option, unfortunately )

Not sure in regards to your second question, I haven’t heard of that/tried it before

I tried adding releaseChannel to the expo section of the app.json just before we run expo export and the releaseChannel property seems to have been added to the manifest. We did get a warning about adding unkown properties to the manifest, but the app is picking up the release channel just like it would have when using expo publish

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